Using a Professional Chauffeur vs Using Your Third Cousin’s Uncle

08:00 AM

It can be hard to stay within budget when planning your wedding; but if you want to start your big day off on the right note, it’s best to hire a professional chauffeur to get you there rather than relying on a distant family member who owes you a favour.

Here’s why:


Qualified to Drive?

Odds are you’re not super familiar with your third cousin’s uncle’s driving record. Can you be sure they are safe on the road? Do they speed? Are they erratic? There’s never a good time to get pulled over by the police or to have a fender bender at a roundabout. But it’s safe to say your wedding day is the day you least want this to happen. That’s why it pays to use a professional chauffer.

Professional chauffers have a range of skills – but chief among these is good driving skills. This generally means they possess:

  • A clean driving record (including zero demerit points)
  • A current police check
  • A current First Aid certificate
  • Defensive driving course certification; and
  • In-depth mechanical knowledge

What this adds up to is a safe, smooth and enjoyable ride for you, so you can focus all your attention on celebrating your big day.


Discretion Counts

The stress of planning a wedding and the inevitable pre-wedding jitters can bring out the worst in people. While you’ll mostly want to sit back and enjoy your ride on your wedding day, sometimes it’s hard to resist having a last gripe about your cousin’s over-reaction to being left out of the bridal party, or your aunt’s refusal to attend the wedding if it wasn’t held at her church.

Whatever it may be, weddings bring out family arguments like nothing else. Do you really want a family member, however distant, listening in to your jittery pre-wedding get-it-off-your-chest session? Professional chauffers are trained to be discrete. Anything you say or do on the way to your wedding will remain completely private. Your chauffer’s lips are sealed, in fact from their lack of reaction; it’ll be hard to tell if they even heard a thing!


Customer Service

When it’s your big day, you kind of want to be treated like royalty. Professional chauffers know how to do this; they’ll cater to your whims, make as many photo stops as requested (so long as the time has been factored in when you’ve arranged the booking) and even roll out the red carpet for your grand arrival.

Excellent customer service skills are one of the most important qualities in a good chauffeur so that you genuinely enjoy your ride and go into the wedding ceremony on a high. Can you guarantee your distant relative is going to treat you with the same level of attentiveness and respect?

Besides, maybe you don’t even like your distant relatives that much. If they agree to drive you there for free or for mates rates, they may well be expecting a wedding invite! Because your relationship with your chauffeur is a strictly professional one, they’ll have no such expectations and you can leave them to park the car, guilt free, while you ramp up your celebrations.

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