“Can I pimp my ride?” … and other important questions to ask when booking your wedding chauffeur service!

08:00 AM

So your wedding day’s approaching faster than a bridesmaid at a bouquet-throwing and you’ve sorted all the major decisions. Barefoot beach versus chilled out country ceremony, rooftop bar reception or scenic winery. All that’s left is making the bookings, including the dream ride to your trip down the aisle.

If you’re here because a Kombi – the ultimate icon of laid-back cool – has caught your eye, you’re likely to be a pretty laid-back person as it is. But even if you normally go with the flow, we still recommend asking your wedding chauffeur some key questions before you hand over your hard-earned deposit.

Here are some of the top enquiries to put forward during your hunt for the perfect driver on your big day.


“Is your pricing by the hour, fixed or flexible? We’d love lots of photos with the vehicle.”

Vintage vehicles look amazing in any wedding scene. For example, ‘58 Kombi Wedding Hire’s colourful Californian Queen is perfect for the creative couple looking to make an impact on Instagram. A good wedding chauffeur service knows you want to take plenty of photos; and also understands that ceremonies and photo sessions can run overtime for a million reasons.

Ask your supplier if you are getting a fixed price package or hourly rate; what their over-time rates are; and for confirmation of costs in writing. Ultimately, there should be no hidden surprises to spoil your once-in-a-lifetime event.


“I love the look of the vehicle, but I want to add my own touch. Do you supply ribbons and signs, or do I need to BYO?”

We believe in a personalised experience, so you should always be able to pimp your ride. With our services, for example, we make this possible, but you may have to confirm this with other wedding chauffeurs.

Many vehicle suppliers offer fun packages with ribbons and signs – such as “Bride and Groom” figures to fix to the front of the car.  In some cases, they may even provide all those necessities you often forget to keep in tow – like an emergency sewing kit, complimentary champaign or photoshoots. And when in doubt, always make sure they have an umbrella on hand (this is Melbourne, after all).

If you have special requirements or unique visual themes you want to be incorporated, make sure to ask your chauffeur about adding these to the service.


“I don’t want to tempt fate, but what happens if there’s a mechanical failure or breakdown on the day?”

For better or worse, in good times and in bad”. This can become literal if there’s a drama with your wedding car on the day, like a breakdown or mechanical mishap. Your chauffeur should avoid this by keeping their fleet fully serviced and in good shape.

Ask them what their backup plan is in the unlikely event of an emergency before you sign on the dotted line (you don’t want your bridal party make a mad dash to the ceremony in an Uber.)

Other quick questions a reputable wedding chauffeur company can answer easily:

  • Are you fully licensed, registered and insured? Your company should be able to provide copies of all registrations on request, with reference numbers available online.
  • Can I inspect the vehicle? We not only recommend inspecting the vehicle, but we also encourage it. How else will you get a feel for whether it’s perfect for the vibe you want to create? (We’re all time-poor though, so a photo gallery is a good substitute).
  • Can the groom take the vehicle for a spin? See above. There’s laid-back and there’s unlawful. ’58 Kombi Weddings would love to accommodate you but we act within our licensing, and allowing the bridal party and guests to drive is just not possible, sorry. Posing for photos is fine, of course.
  • Should I cover my wedding chauffeur’s meal? We think it’s good karma to do that, but we get that you’re on a budget. No expectations here.

Set yourself up for success

’58 Kombi’s vibrant Californian Queen is the perfect match for the kind of unique boho wedding you’re after. We offer customised quotes that meet your needs and quality service.

Of course, no wedding ever goes completely according to plan. The best man will drink too much and take over the playlist. Your mother-in-law will hit the dancefloor too much. Make sure you do take control of what you can – and that includes your chauffeur for the day.